Alix Christie

I was born in the Silicon Valley when it was still orchards, and grew up in northern California, Montana, and British Columbia. A dual citizen of Canada and the United States, I have spent more than half my adult life living abroad. I apprenticed in my youth to two master printers and still own and operate a 1910 Chandler & Price letterpress. I worked as a fruit picker, painter, file clerk, hot tar roofer and advertising copywriter before becoming a journalist and writer. I was educated at Vassar College, where I was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate in philosophy, and hold a master's degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley and a master's degree in fiction from St Mary's College of California. I have lived and reported from Paris, Berlin and London, where I currently live with my husband, Ludwig Siegele, technology editor for The Economist, and our two children.