Gutenberg's Apprentice

The year is 1450. Peter Schoeffer, an ambitious young scribe, is hauled from Paris back to Mainz, his home town on the Rhine. There he is thrown into a strange, dark workshop financed by his foster father, and run by a driven, caustic master called Johann Gutenberg.


"Gutenberg's Apprentice" tells his story: of a young man's hate and grudging love for a man both brilliant and stormy, their struggle to prevail against resistance and betrayal and the power of the Church. It is the story, too, of the last great communications revolution. All the wonder and doubt the digital world provokes today were felt half a millennium ago, in the workshop that produced the world's first printed book.


"An inspiring tale of ambition, camaraderie, betrayal and cultural transformation based on actual events and people, this wonderful novel fully inhabits its age." -- Booklist (starred review)



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